CLASSY 1904 victorian Apartment 

I have owned this property since 1983. It is the only rental property that I own and I take a very personal interest in ensuring that tenants feel comfortable and secure in a relatively quiet environment. I attempt to respond to any repairs as quickly as possible. Tenants are provided a list of pre-approved vendors that provide repairs to appliances and plumbing. Tenants are able to call these vendors whenever a problem arises, with out my prior approval, and to schedule repairs directly with vendors. Once repairs are completed, the bill is sent directly to me. I encourage tenants to address repairs as soon as possible. 

I am constantly looking for ways to improve this property to add features and amenities. I have personally added most of the ornate wood trim, such as chair rails, crown moldings, picture rails and wainscoting. 

All of the tenants living in this building have been approved on the basis of their credit report. Most of the units are occupied by single professionals. 

I live approximately 2 miles from this apartment. You will find me working at the apartment numerous times throughout the year attending to minor repairs and keeping this building in top condition. 

If you would like to read about my journey as a tenement landlord during the first 10 years of owning this building, visit the following page tab "Landlord Blues."